Helping Clients for Over 35 Years

For over 35 years Paul H. Appel, Esq., has been helping innumerable privately owned businesses in New Jersey and New York reduce their legal risk by:

  • Conducting in depth analyses of all factors relating to the business;
  • Advising them of the numerous potential legal exposures that their unique business situation may face (no two businesses are exactly the same, but almost every business has legal vulnerabilities);
  • Working with the client to minimize legal vulnerabilities;
  • Where appropriate drafting legal documents; and
  • Where legal problems have arisen, applying creative solutions to resolve them with a minimum of time and expense. This may include consultation, negotiation, arbitration, mediation, or litigation.

The key to Mr. Appel’s success is that he regards each business owner not just as a client but as an individual who has put his life into his/her business.

Creating Ongoing Relationships

Mr. Appel believes that the only way to properly represent a client is to have a fully hands on relationship in which the client is strongly encouraged to ask questions. He values taking the time to make his clients and their cases a priority. Mr. Appel is a recognized advocate in federal and state courts and in alternative dispute resolution. He is also the President of Point Pleasant Beach Rotary Club.


President of Point Pleasant Beach, NJ Rotary Club for 2019-2020

Retired Captain in US Army

Formerly in-charge of Congressional Relations at Fort Dix

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Paul H. Appel, Esq. small business attorney

Paul H. Appel, Esq.