Areas of Expertise

When you need legal assistance for your business, turn to Paul H. Appel Esq. Mr. Appel provides personalized solutions to privately owned businesses throughout New Jersey.

General Counsel For Your Business

Mr. Appel establishes ongoing professional relationships with your business in which his services include drafting or reviewing all contracts, advising on business questions and concerns, reviewing business proposals, and attending board meetings. Under this relationship any employee can call him with any question without prior authorization. In this way potential legal problems can be prevented before they arise or, if they do exist, can be addressed early in order to minimize them. This relationship has proven to be highly successful and cost effective.

Professional Legal Representation For Your Business

Legal Issues arise all the time in business. You can deal with them on your own or you can rely on Paul H. Appel to guide you and help you protect your business.

Mr. Appel reviews areas of concern and provides expert advice on resolution of these concerns. Mr. Appel’s legal representation of your business includes the following:


Contracts are created to protect your business. However, they may contain hidden traps that can leave you vulnerable and can prove very costly. Mr. Appel reviews and negotiates contracts prepared by others in order to remove these traps and to provide necessary protections. He also drafts contracts to protect you and your business.

Commercial Disputes & Resolution

Nothing puts more stress on a company than dealing with a business dispute. Mr. Appel brings creative solutions to commercial disputes to prevent legal problems where possible or otherwise to prepare you for potential legal challenges. He has proven highly effective in bringing creative solutions to resolve existing legal disputes.


Mr. Appel is a recognized advocate in federal and state courts and in alternative dispute resolution and will represent your business if the need for litigation should arise. You can rest assured that Paul Appel is on your side.

Corporate Organization & Planning

If you are forming a company, not having the proper structure in place and following proper procedures can leave you open to legal challenges that can bankrupt your company and can jeopardize your personal assets. Mr. Appel will structure and organize your new business in order to protect your business and your personal assets.

Transactional Negotiation

Negotiation in business matters can be complicated. The simplest transaction, if not structured properly, can leave you with a legal mess. Mr. Appel brings creative solutions to your business transactions in order to achieve success while protecting your legal rights.

Objective Of Legal Representation

Your job is to earn your money. Mr. Appel’s job is to negotiate the legal morass all businesses face in order to make sure you keep that hard earned money. It is that simple.