Business Law Services

What We Do

  • Business entity formation
    • LLC vs S Corp vs C Corp
  • Business legal risk analysis
    • Locate and protect against hidden legal traps in client’s business
  • Contracts – draft/review/negotiate
    • Investor
    • Co-owner
    • Client contract (client’s first impression of professionalism of business)
    • Third party contract
  • Business Transactions
    • Buy-sell assets/ business
    • Significant business engagements
  • Business Litigation
    • Early planning
    • Early resolution
    • Litigation/ arbitration/mediation
  • Business consultation
    • We encourage questions
  • Virtual general counsel
  • Construction matters – specific expertise

Our Focus

  • We look for and resolve potential legal problems before they become real problems.
  • We encourage open communications with client – it leads to a better result and a happier client.