Law Offices of Paul H. Appel

Contracts & Transactions • Corporate General Counsel • Dispute Resolution and Litigation

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Our Value:

Over four decades of legal experience in successfully protecting the legal rights of business clients.

Our Mission:

To service Fully our Clientele’s needs by providing personalized legal services in areas of Contracts, Corporate General Counsel & Dispute Resolution.

Our Vision:

To Become your Preferred long-term Legal Advisor for your corporate business and commercial interests.

We Care for Our Clients, Service Their Needs and Protect Their Interests

As a boutique law firm, Law Offices of Paul H. Appel offers services customized to the needs of the individual business ranging from contracts, to corporate legal counsel, to transactional work, to dispute resolution including litigation where unavoidable.

We take a sensible, common-sense approach to solving problems and helping clients plan ahead. As a result of our in-depth experience, we are able to offer practical, creative advice that goes beyond standardized legal services.

We offer open access to individualized and effective legal counsel. We help them to structure their ventures and to identify and address legal concerns as they arise.

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Legal Services We Specialize In:

Mr. Paul Appel has been practicing law for decades and has built a reputation through his effective representation of clients which includes the following:

    • Problem Avoidance through anticipating and resolving potential problems before they arise
    • Problem Solving through creative solutions when they do arise
    • Effective Contract Drafting through preparation of clear and comprehensive contracts.
    • Development of Long-Term relationships through obtaining successful results for clients.
    • Transparency through open and continuous communications with clients.
    • Furnishing Creative Answers to questions and concerns of business owners and management.

We service all types of industries and businesses, whether for profit or non-profit.

Our Culture is simple:

We help our clientele to use the law to grow their business and to avoid or resolve legal problems that may interfere with the development and growth of their business.

We Care, We Share, We Educate and We Proactively Protecting our Clientele.