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Contracts are essential in everyday business dealings, from selling a gallon of paint to multimillion business deals. 

It is important for the contract to be Clear, Concise, Unambiguous, and Consistent. The contract should reflect the entire business transaction involved in language understandable to the businessman. Mr. Appel plays an essential role in drafting contracts to meet these requirements as well as to include provisions that protect the legal rights of the client.  

Each type of contract (ex. LLC operating agreement, shareholder agreement, independent contractor agreement, employment agreement, etc.) has provisions unique to it as well as to the specifics of the individual transactions. This is where legal skill and experience play a major role. 

By way of contrast, many contracts currently being used are ambiguous, self-contradictory, and omit critical protections. This is what the business person  wants to avoid and why he/she wants qualified legal counsel.

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