Lectures & Videos

Mr. Paul Appel is available for speaking engagements on such topics: 

    • When should you speak to a lawyer? 
    • What does a business attorney do for you?
    • All about Partnership Contracts
    • Vendor contracts
    • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
    • What is Dispute Resolution?
    • Should you choose Arbitration or Litigation?

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A Seminar Presentation by Paul H. Appel, Esq.

Contracts: What should you protect?

In this 30-minute free seminar, Mr. Appel teaches business people how to read and understand contracts.
He also provides some critical pointers that every business owner should know about contracts.

Do Not Ignore the Boiler Plate in your Contract

A boilerplate is not just the stuff at the end of a contract that nobody reads. It contains essential information that should not be ignored. Learn more about the importance of a boilerplate in this video by Mr. Appel.

Over 35 Years of Experience & Knowledge

Every business is unique, with unique issues. Mr. Appel explains how his 35 years of experience and knowledge can help your business.

When to Talk to a Business Lawyer.
It May Not Be When You Expect.

If you are starting a business or have been in one for many years, how do you know if you are exposed to legal traps? Can your business practices expose you to liability? What happens if your insurance does not cover you? Are your business and personal assets protected? How will you know if you have the right contract?  How do you avoid costly and time consuming litigation? How do you protect yourself in the event of a dispute? Mr. Appel explains when and why it makes sense to talk to a business attorney.

Finder’s Fees

Everyone has heard of them, but how do you know if it is structured right? Do you have the correct terms or the right percentage? How will you know if you are protected from being sued? Mr. Appel goes over the things you should look for in a finder’s fee agreement.

Essentials of a Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is the most critical document you need to have if you are forming a partnership. Why is it so important? Learn how a partnership agreement can protect you and your assets.

Indemnification Clauses

What is an indemnification clause, and why is it essential in protecting your business? Learn from Mr. Appel, whose 35 years of experience in business law can explain what you need to do to protect yourself.

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– Over four decades of legal experience in successfully protecting the legal rights of business clients.

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