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General Counsel On Demand                                            

Running a business is stressful and costly. Most owners have to make hard decisions about where they spend their hard-earned dollars. One area that they tend to skip is legal because they fear the cost involved. Their thinking is that they will wait until there is an urgent need before they call the lawyer. The problem with that thinking is that they may have a small issue that, if ignored, will become a big one. They frequently end up spending many thousands of dollars more because of the delay.

Paul H Appel PC has a solution for the small business owner—it is called General Counsel on Demand. Paul H Appel PC recognizes that a concern of the business owner is that every time they call their lawyer, the clock starts, and they have to pay. General Counsel on-demand seeks to remedy this by encouraging the business owner to call more frequently rather than less for the same price.

For a monthly fee of $1,000.00, the company receives unlimited access to the Firm to discuss issues and to deal with many common items such as:

  • reviewing contracts,
  • writing and responding to letters to and from suppliers and customers,
  • consulting on legal issues and strategies,
  • advising on how to avoid/resolve potential problems,
  • holding a monthly one-hour meeting to discuss business activities, questions, and concerns

Contact us to learn more about how you can keep small problems from becoming big ones.

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