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Business Dispute Avoidance & Resolution

Corporate counseling is the best way to avoid disputes.  We encourage clients to contact us as soon as they become aware of a potential problem so that we can work to resolve the issue before it does become an actual problem. Finally, if necessary, we will represent the client in court. 

We focus on resolving disputes through negotiation and in many instances have found creative solutions to potential or actual conflicts. Before going to court, Mediation is an option to resolve differences through consensus and agreement on a mutually acceptable solution.

Our approach to Dispute Resolution is to seek a common sense approach that is acceptable to both sides – this can be accomplished more frequently that one might anticipate. We explore all options and avenues before turning to the Litigation route.

We service all types of industries and businesses, whether for profit or not-for-profit.

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Our Value
– Over four decades of legal experience in successfully protecting the legal rights of business clients.

We Care for Our Clients, Service Their Needs and Protect Their Interests